Daily “Did You Know?” #6 (Pet Island)

This one is for animal-lovers everywhere: Imagine a room full of your favorite animal, hopping or slinking or rolling around. There are so many to pick up, pet, and watch! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, imagine an entire island filled with your favorite animal, roaming free, outnumbering humans, with the sense of… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #6 (Pet Island)

Daily “Did You Know?” #5 (Deepest Places on Earth)

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the length of time between my last post and this one. I’ve only three reasons: I’ve been busy, I’ve been lazy, I was waiting so everyone had a chance to read my others without falling too far behind. In reality, it was more-so the second reason… __________________________________________________________________________________________… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #5 (Deepest Places on Earth)

Daily “Did You Know?” #4 (The “401”)

I recently watched a show on  Netflix called “Heavy Rescue: 401”. It followed a couple of heavy rescue/tow  companies that dispatched primarily to incidents on Canada’s Highway 401, colloquially “The four-oh-one” or “King’s Highway”, formally the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway. It’s a spin-off from the show “Highway Thru Hell”, which I used to watch on TV a… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #4 (The “401”)

Daily “Did You Know?” #3 (Unexploded Bombs)

*Warning: This post contains material slightly more ominous than my last* One weekend morning, while lying in bed, I thought “I wonder what London is up to?” I was browsing stories from London news agencies when I came across a recent one from Feb 11 2018 about an un-exploded World War II bomb discovered in… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #3 (Unexploded Bombs)

Daily “Did You Know?” #2 (Pineapples)

“Ananas” (This topic was inspired by my fiancée, Chelse!) Have you ever wondered were certain words or names originated from? In English, a majority of them originated from Latin, as is the case for most world languages, including French, Italian and Spanish. How names and words evolve through the centuries is really interesting. Specifically, the… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #2 (Pineapples)

Daily “Did You Know?” #1 (The “Jake Brake”)

The “Jake Brake” Have you ever had your windows down while driving, or maybe you were at a gas station on the side of the highway, filling up, when you hear a large diesel semi or dump truck barreling down the road? As it gets closer, a rapid succession of loud thumps knock through the… Continue reading Daily “Did You Know?” #1 (The “Jake Brake”)


In light of the recent acts of evil on fellow brethren in Paris, France, as well as all of the attacks leading up to this tragedy, it has every person questioning: Why? Some may believe the answer comes from a religious aspect, believing it is God’s or a god’s way of testing our faith to… Continue reading #PrayforParis